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Download Film Suzanna Usia Dalam Gejolak 27golkes

Usia dalam Gejolak: A Classic Indonesian Film

Usia dalam Gejolak: A Classic Indonesian Film

Usia dalam Gejolak (Age of Turmoil) is a 1984 Indonesian film directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra and starring Ratno Timoer, Suzanna, Wieke Widowati, and George Rudy. The film tells the story of a troubled marriage, an affair, and a mother-daughter conflict involving a young man. The film was one of the many popular films that featured Suzanna, who was known as the "Queen of Horror" in Indonesia.

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Plot Summary

The film begins with the wedding of Iskandar (Ratno Timoer) and Susy (Suzanna), who are not in love with each other. Iskandar married Susy out of gratitude, while Susy married Iskandar to escape from her abusive father. Susy is a successful batik entrepreneur, but she neglects her husband and treats him with contempt. Iskandar becomes impotent and depressed because of his unhappy marriage.

One day, Iskandar meets Tina (Wieke Widowati), a young and attractive woman who understands his situation. They fall in love and plan to get married, but their affair is discovered by Susy. Susy confronts Tina and threatens to ruin her life if she does not leave Iskandar. Tina reluctantly agrees to end the relationship, but Iskandar is determined to divorce Susy and marry Tina.

However, fate has other plans for Iskandar. He dies in a car accident before he can finalize his divorce. Susy is left alone and heartbroken, feeling guilty for her mistreatment of Iskandar. She tries to find solace in alcohol and nightlife, but she only feels more empty and lonely. She meets Markus (George Rudy), a young and handsome man who flirts with her. Susy falls for him, hoping to start a new life with him.

But Markus is not interested in Susy. He already has a girlfriend whom he loves. He only sees Susy as a rich and easy target for his schemes. He pretends to love her, but he only wants her money. He also cheats on her with other women behind her back. Susy is oblivious to his true intentions, until she finds out that he has been lying to her all along.

Susy dumps Markus and feels betrayed and humiliated. She decides to give up on love and focus on her work. She also tries to reconnect with her estranged daughter, Santi (Nena Rosier), whom she had abandoned when she was a baby. Santi lives with her grandmother and does not know that Susy is her mother. She is a sweet and innocent girl who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Susy visits Santi at her school and introduces herself as her aunt. She offers to pay for her tuition and expenses, hoping to make up for her past mistakes. Santi is grateful and happy to have a new relative in her life. She does not suspect anything about Susy's true identity.

Meanwhile, Susy meets Dani (Bagus Santoso), a young and naive student who works part-time at a bar. Dani is impressed by Susy's beauty and charisma, and he falls in love with her. Susy is flattered by his attention, and she decides to have some fun with him. She does not take him seriously, but she enjoys his company.

Dani is sincere and loyal to Susy, even though he knows that she is much older than him. He wants to marry her and make her happy. He does not care about her past or her wealth. He only cares about her as a person.

But their relationship faces a major obstacle when Dani finds out that Santi is his classmate and friend. He does not know that Santi is Susy's daughter, nor does Santi know that Dani is Susy's lover. They are both unaware of the complicated situation they are in.

One day, Dani decides to introduce Susy to Santi as his girlfriend. He hopes that they will get along well and become a family. But he is shocked when he sees that Susy and Santi are the same person. He realizes that he has been dating his friend's mother, and that he has been betraying his friend's trust.

Susy is also stunned when she sees that Dani and Santi are friends. She realizes that she has been dating her daughter's boyfriend, and that she has been hurting her daughter's feelings. She feels ashamed and guilty for her actions.

Santi is the most devastated when she discovers the truth. She feels betrayed and angry at both Susy and Dani. She accuses Susy of stealing her boyfriend, and she accuses Dani of lying to her. She also learns that Susy is her mother, and that she has been hiding it from her. She feels rejected and unwanted by her own mother.

Susy, Dani, and Santi have a heated argument, where they express their anger and resentment towards each other. They blame each other for their problems, and they say hurtful things to each other. They end up breaking up and parting ways, feeling bitter and sad.

But after some time, they realize that they still love each other, and that they have made a mistake. They regret their words and actions, and they want to make amends. They decide to forgive each other and start over.

Dani apologizes to Santi for his infidelity, and he promises to be faithful to her. He also apologizes to Susy for his disrespect, and he thanks her for her kindness. He tells her that he still loves her, but as a mother figure, not as a lover. He asks her to let him go, and to let him be with Santi.

Santi forgives Dani for his mistake, and she accepts him back as her boyfriend. She also forgives Susy for her deception, and she accepts her as her mother. She tells her that she loves her, and that she wants to have a relationship with her.

Susy forgives Dani for his innocence, and she lets him go with grace. She tells him that she loves him, but as a son figure, not as a lover. She asks him to take care of Santi, and to make her happy. She also forgives Santi for her anger, and she embraces her as her daughter. She tells her that she loves her, and that she wants to be a good mother to her.

The film ends with Susy, Dani, and Santi reconciling and hugging each other. They have overcome their age of turmoil, and they have found peace and happiness in their lives.


  • Ratno Timoer as Iskandar

  • Suzanna as Susy

  • Wieke Widowati as Tina

  • George Rudy as Markus

  • Bagus Santoso as Dani

  • Nena Rosier as Santi

  • Fachrul Rozy as Bobby


Usia dalam Gejolak was produced by Soraya Intercine Films PT, a major film company in Indonesia at the time. The film was directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra, who was known for his horror films such as Sundel Bolong (1981) and Telaga Angker (1984). The film was written by Asrul Sani, who was a prominent writer and filmmaker in Indonesia.

The film starred Suzanna, who was one of the most popular actresses in Indonesia in the 1980s. She was famous for her roles in horror films such as Beranak dalam Kubur (1971) and Malam Satu Suro (1988). She was also known for her beauty and charisma, which earned her the nickname "Queen of Horror". Suzanna played the role of Susy, a successful but unhappy woman who had a complicated love life.

The film also featured Ratno Timoer, Wieke Widowati, George Rudy, Bagus Santoso, Nena Rosier, Fachrul Rozy, among others. The film had a mix of drama, romance, comedy, and tragedy. The film explored the themes of marriage, infidelity, family, love, betrayal, forgiveness, and happiness.


Usia dalam Ge Here is the rest of the article:


Usia dalam Gejolak is a film that reflects the social and cultural changes that occurred in Indonesia in the 1980s. The film depicts the issues of gender, class, sexuality, and family that were prevalent in the urban society at the time. The film also challenges the traditional norms and values that were dominant in the Indonesian culture, such as patriarchy, monogamy, and filial piety.

The film portrays Susy as a modern and independent woman who defies the expectations of her husband, her father, and her society. She is a successful businesswoman who runs her own batik company, which is a symbol of her cultural identity and heritage. She is also a sexually liberated woman who does not hesitate to pursue her desires and pleasures with younger men. She does not conform to the role of a submissive and obedient wife, but rather asserts her authority and power over her husband and her lovers.

However, Susy's freedom and autonomy come at a price. She suffers from loneliness, guilt, and alienation. She loses her husband, who dies without reconciling with her. She loses her lover, who betrays her for his own gain. She loses her daughter, who resents her for abandoning her and stealing her boyfriend. She also loses her self-respect, as she becomes addicted to alcohol and nightlife. She realizes that her wealth and status cannot buy her happiness and love.

The film also depicts Dani as a contrast to Susy. He is a poor and naive student who works part-time at a bar. He is a loyal and sincere lover who does not care about Susy's age or wealth. He is also a respectful and grateful son who appreciates Susy's kindness and generosity. He represents the ideal of a simple and honest life, which is more fulfilling and meaningful than a glamorous and decadent life.

The film also explores the theme of mother-daughter relationship, which is complicated by the issue of incest. Susy and Santi are unaware of their biological connection until it is too late. They have an antagonistic relationship, as they compete for Dani's love. They also have a misunderstanding, as they hide their true identities from each other. They have to overcome their anger and resentment, and learn to forgive and accept


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