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Updated: Apr 3

Save On Things You Buy Everyday!

Do you buy groceries, shop, pay for car insurance, home insurance, buy cars, computers, printers, ink, office supplies, or pay for TV, Internet, Cell Phones, Alarm Systems, Pest Control, Storage or more?

Of course you do. Now you can stop paying retail with your own SavingsHighway Global Membership!

Join thousands of happy members in savings on things you already buy and pay for every day...

* Shopping

* Dining

* Entertainment

* Television

* Phone

* Internet

* Car Insurance

* Home Insurance

* Domain Names

* Groceries

* Your Taxes

* And Much More


1. SAVE: When you join, login to your Members Area and access your Savings. Many members save $1,000 or more their first month on LoweringYourBills, Car Insurance, Groceries, Dining, Shopping, and more. 2. SHARE: Once you have your Savings Proof, simply share it with others so they can join and save money too. 3. PROSPER: Get paid $10 as new Gold Members enroll and $50 as new Platinum members enroll on your replicated website. Plus receive $25 monthly for each Platinum Member you refer and $10 monthly for each Gold Member you refer for as long as the remain an active member!

Yes, SHG Memberships help people Save Money!

How much can you save? ‍ We've already combined the World's Best Savings Programs into one Membership that Saves You Big Money! Just like Netflix provides a membership where you can watch movies, we provide a membership that helps you save way more than the tiny fee. You too can Win! It's simple. Members Save Thousands while non-members keep paying full price.

This is a sample list of coupons you can clip digitally and print them right away from the comfort of your home.

The Average Annual Savings per SHG Family = $5,000 to $10,000!

Shopping Save up to 10% to 50% OFF home, furniture, kitchen, clothing, electronics and more!

Car Insurance Save up to $500 to $2000 on Car Insurance per year! And save even more with Home Owners and Renters Insurance.

TRAVEL World's Greatest Travel Engine! Millions of people are overpaying. Now save up to 20% to 75% OFF.

DREAM VACATION Get this $3,200 Value Vacation to Mexico or $1,700 Value USA or Europe Vacation with 12 Months of Platinum Membership!

LOWER BUSINESS BILLS Refer Businesses to Lower their Bills. We do 100% of the work, and you get paid! Must be a Platinum Member to refer businesses.

$1,000 BONUS Get Your $1000 PLATNINUM Sign-Up Bonus! ( LIMITED TIME) USA - Get a $500 Grocery + $500 Dining Program. ‍Canada - Get a $500 Dining and Shopping Program.

#1: Save up to 20% to 75% on Travel!

SHG Members save Big on Travel in 141 Countries. Get Your Savings and never pay retail again! How it works: 1. Join Now 2. Log in to access your Travel Engine. 3. Book and save up to 20% to 75%. * 141 Countries * Unlimited Savings * $1,500 Condo Weeks for $300 * No Timeshare presentations required. * FREE $3200 Value Vacation in 12 months.

#2: Save up to $2,000 on Car Insurance!

Approximately 90% of SHG Members in the USA Save $500 to $2,000 on Car Insurance. Step 1: Join. Step 2: Log in and contact our Car Insurance experts. Step 3: Save an average of $500 to $2000. Stop Paying Retail. Join SHG!

$3: Save Thousands on Business Bills!

Do you have a Brick and Mortar Business or know anyone who does? Over $100 Billion is being overpaid in bills right now. Stop paying retail. Let our expert negotiators go to work for you! We do 100% of the work to save you money. Getting Started: 1. Join as a PLATINUM Member. 2. Submit your Business Bills. 3. Our Team Negotiates for you. 4. You Save Money on your Same Bills! We split the savings 50%/50%. BONUS: We also lower the personal bills of Platinum Members who bring Businesses or become Platinum Executives.

#4: Save $100 per month on Pro Webinars!

Platinum Members get the same exact service pro marketers are paying $100 a month for... for only $12.99 per month! * Webinars with 500 People * Unlimited Cloud Storage Included * Broadcast to FB Live * Integration with Calendly Why pay $100 or more for Webinar Services when you can get the same quality service for as little as $12.99 per month? Thousands of SHG Members can save on Webinar Services Without Switching Providers!

#5: Save Big on Domain Names!

Get the same service and support as GoDaddy for less. GoDaddy charges $17.99 per year starting in year 2 for domain named. SHG is only $9.99 the first year and then only $11.99 per year thereafter. Plus you'll find huge savings on Hosting and Secure Certificates. SHG Members save big on: * Domain Names * Hosting * SSL's

#6: $100 Dining Certificates for only $12.00

Savvy Shoppers know about Dining Certificates. SHG Members get the BEST PRICE Available anywhere! * $100 Dining Certificates for only $12 * Access this benefit in the "Lifestyle" section of your SHG TRAVEL ENGINE Portal!

#7: Save Big on Home or Renters Insurance!

With 1 simple phone call, SHG can help you save hundreds on your Home and Renters Insurance. Getting Started: 1. Join Now. 2. Log in to your Savings Portal. 3. Make a phone call and SAVE!

#8: Save $400 on Dell, HP and Lenovo Computers!

SHG Members get exclusive deals on computers, laptops and hundreds of other electronics. * Employee Pricing Discounts * Get Cash Back * Thousands of Retailers * Join now for Instant Access

#9: Save up to $5,000 on New and Used Cars!

SHG Car Buying Discount Program! Get the exact same cars from the same dealerships... for less. * We eliminate the negotiation you normally do and get the dealerships bidding on your business. * Members report saving $3,000 to $5,000 on new and used cars off the MSRP! * Let our experts do the negotiating for you. You keep 100% of the savings! * Zero Fees for this great service. * Easy and stress-free. Just save big money!

#10: Save up to 70% on Perfume and Cologne!

Why pay retail prices? Join SHG and get amazing deals on perfumes and colognes up to 20% to 70% off retail. Plus you'll find thousands of other great deals in your Savings Portal Inside!

BONUS #1 LIMITED TIME! Get a $500 Grocery Savings with Platinum Membership!

Right now, when you join as a Platinum Member, you can request a $500 Grocery Savings Program and save up to $100 per month on groceries! Join as a Platinum Member Now while this Bonus Lasts!

BONUS #2 LIMITED TIME! Get $500 Shopping and Dining Savings.

If you shop online or eat at local restaurants, you'll love this powerful bonus for PLATINUM Members! Get Buy-1-Get-1 Free Deals at hundreds of restaurants like Subway and Burger King. And get amazing Deals at online retailers like Best Buy, Nike and so many more. Join as a Platinum Member Now while this Bonus Lasts!

BONUS #3 FREE $3,200 Value Dream Vacation!

Platinum Members enjoy an amazing Dream Vacation on LayAway! Simply maintain your Platinum Membership for 12 consecutive months, and request your $3,200 Mexico 5-Diamond resort vacation! Or you can choose a from many $1,700 value USA or European Vacations. Either way, YOU WIN! *Some fees may apply.

Save up to $10,000 per year on your Taxes!

The average USA Family is overpaying their taxes by $3000 to $10,000 per year. WHY? Because they don't have a home-based business that qualifies them for major tax deductions... Or they just don't know what to do. Our SHG experts will show you how to stop overpaying your taxes and pay the legal amount required. Average tax savings is Thousands per year... way more than the price of membership!

Making Money with SHG

How to Make $7K per month in 7 weeks.

The math works. Will you? How bad do you want it? Take Action Now!


The "7K" System is designed to help SavingHighwayGlobal Representatives to earn up to $7,000 in monthly residual income in as little as 7 weeks when followed perfectly.

When you follow the system, refer 3 people and help them save move, and they do the same through 7 levels, your income will be approximately $7,000 per month.

Even if it took you an entire month to help 3, and it took a month for them to help 3, and so on... you could be earning up to $7,000 monthly in 7 months, which is pretty amazing for a $100 or $20 Membership.

Note: There are many ways to help your referrals save money. Car and Home Insurance are two of the fastest ones. You can use any of the benefits to help them save withing the $7K System.

Your "7K" System shows a real possibility for you when you:

1. Refer 3 new members your first week and help them save money.

2. Help them refer 3 new members the next week and help them save money.

3. As this duplicates through 7 levels, your income can be up to $7,000 or more monthly.

Great news. This is income based on only 7 levels, however as a manager with 3 personally referred active members, you can earn up to 10 levels, which provides exponentially more potential monthly income.

Making sure you succeed! Go the extra mile and help your team do the right activities.

Simple 3 step system...

a) Join

b) Save Money

c) Help 3 people join and save money their first week to repeat the process.

There are several great ways they can save money their first week. Make sure you help them find the ones that work best for them, and help them introduce 3 new members each their first week.

Don't miss this opportunity to SAVE and MAKE $ with this amazing program!

This is not a guarantee of health, savings or income.

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